The following testimonials were submitted by Susan’s clients and former co-workers. Some names have been omitted to respect confidentiality.

-Insightful, experienced, understanding, patient … these words describe Christian counselor, Sue Garner.  As a marriage counselor, she was amazingly quick to focus on the root of our relationship problems and totally fair in her assessment of our strengths and weaknesses.  Because of the counseling I received from Sue, I am a stronger person, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you!


-Susan has a love for people and a desire to help people.  She was right there when our family hit a crisis and needed Christian counseling.  Her love and sympathy, as well as wisdom, helped guide our family to a healthier relationship with each other and with Christ.


-I have witnessed Sue working with children. She understands and appreciates the complexities facing today’s children, including issues such as divorce, family conflict, and bullying; and, in response, children are usually willing to be open and honest with her about their problems.

Assistant in a Divorce Care for Kids support group

-We are fortunate to have a therapist of Susan’s caliber in our community.  Susan is cheerful, compassionate, and engaging.  She is also non-judgmental.  To me, she embodies the love of Christ.  Yet she stays abreast of cutting-edge therapeutic methods.  I would recommend her to any client seeking trusting, safe counseling.

Kristi Gleim, LCSW and former co-worker

-Susan offers compassion and practical advice. She is able to respond to both adults and children with support and encouragement. She has the ability to be patient, yet offer growth and guidance. Susan does this in a caring, professional manner.” “Susan has been a coworker, as well as a mentor to me, and I have seen her tackle difficult issues with compassion and practicality.

Kim Varju, former co-worker

s it possible for a man in his seventies to change? Is it possible for a couple stuck in dysfunctional communication patterns to shift out of those old ruts?  Yes!!  But most likely, they can’t do it on their own.  They need help—help from God—and help from a trained counselor, who can help them navigate the rough waters.  Susan Garner helped save our marriage.  She assisted my husband with anger issues.  And she’s assisting us still as we reinvent our marriage and learn to find win-win solutions rather than repeating the old patterns.  We praise God for Susan and we highly recommend her to individuals, couples, and families who are willing to admit they need help..

Couple receiving marriage counseling

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